This Week’s Episode Of The @HipHopDigest Show Comes w/That ‘Quick Actin Action’

This Week's Episode Of The @HipHopDigest Show Comes w/That 'Quick Actin Action'

King Killa, Curt G, & E.Green (collectively known as The Hip Hop Digest) are back with another episode for that ass this week on The DigiSpot…The synopsis reads as follows:

Before we could even click and send Panda man went in, and got out. So we’ll definitely have to revisit that topic. Meanwhile we had our baby sis Daisha get in with us, her voice was a great add for a special topic we got on. And for those thinking King Killa was “trolling” The Get Down with that low rating, he speaks more on that. These things and more, get in!

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