Video: @ZionI (feat. @TheRealMrLif, @OpioHieroSOM, @SadatX, @DeuceEclipse, & @KevChoice) » Get Urs

Video: @ZionI (feat. @TheRealMrLif, @OpioHieroSOM, @SadatX, @DeuceEclipse, & @KevChoice) » Get Urs

Earlier this year, Zion I has returned with their ‘Libations‘ EP, the second installment of a three part series the duo is working on. ‘Libations‘ is the follow up album to ‘Master Of Ceremonies’, the first installment of their free trilogy, which focuses on high energy music where the listener feels invigorated and can be taken to a different state of mind. Complete with a multitude of artists and debuted by XXL, “Get Urs” is a new visual from the indie hip-hop fusion group. The video features flashy backdrops, iconic photographs and close-ups with each featured guest. The track was produced by Headnodic and features Mr. Lif, Kev Choice, Deuce Eclipse, Opio, and Sadat X spitting their own verses as each rapper stamps their unique brand on the video.

Introduced as part two of their trilogy, ‘Libations‘ is completely different from its predecessor. The album dropped via URB and features more emotion themes, specifically memories and reflection. Zumbi explains, “This project was heavily influenced by one of my best friends passing away suddenly. His death put me in a mood to really analyze my life and how short this existence really can be. It opened my eyes and heart to both the ugliness and beauty of what we experience while alive.” Hence, ‘Libations‘ broods with reflection and deep emotion. “To me, libation is when you honor someone by pouring out your brew before you sip, its a sort of prayer. On this EP, I poured out some liquor for my homie, as well as my family, and myself.” The EP features production from AMP Live, Headnodic, and newcomer Featherload, along with rappers Mr Lif, Sadat X, and Opio of Souls of Mischief.

This Saturday, those in Santa Cruz and beyond can be a part of Bay Area musical history, as the Zion I crew will be recording a live album at The Catalyst. This is the first performance of a tour that extends through the month of October, as the group will be hitting several U.S. and Canada cities. The tour concludes on Halloween night, as they’ll be celebrating with their Hella Fresh Fest in Oakland alongside Grieves and Dizzy Wright. Tickets for all shows are available here.

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