Video: YP (@YP27) – Get Nothin

EP: #YP (@YP27) - Untitled

The word is in on YP’s latest project, ‘Untitled‘….no skips. Real music.

Today, we get to see one of the tracks come to life in the form of the visual for “Get Nothin“. YP shared the inspiration behind the song, saying “Get Nothin” is a saying that comes from his grandmother.

She used to tell him:

“You get nothin if you don’t do nothin & it had way more meanings than one. You don’t get rewarded for not doing work. You don’t see certain consequences if you don’t take certain actions. It can be both negative and positive. Thanks to my Granny…..”

The YP in this Gravitii-directed video is living that street life, accompanied by two of Chicago’s finest. Not sure his granny would approve but the cinematic soundscapes, provided courtesy of Xtreme, give the video a warm breeze on a summer day type of feel…Hope you enjoy!!!