Video: ‘The World’ By Rey Res (@ReyResurreccion)

Video: 'The World' By Rey Res (@ReyResurreccion)

Rey Res is the musical embodiment of San Jose, and with the latest release off his forthcoming album, the California MC proves why he considers himself “The Heart Of The City”. Every great rapper has a way of making their unique struggle seem universal. Within the first bar of “The World”, Rey Res delivers his personal story with engaging quotables like, “It’s like my good wasn’t good enough/I grew up in it, tell me how I ain’t hood enough.” The line is simple, but effective at showcasing Rey’s workman like skills. It quantifies what makes Rey such a relatable voice. He’s the quintessential rap outsider; a man from the hood that sees a life that’s bigger than his home. With “The World”, which you can stream/watch below, Rey takes the listener on a trip through the eyes of a working MC.

Rey Res’ ‘The Heart Of The City’ album is slated to release on January 27th, 2015. The 15-track album is the culmination of Rey’s determination over the past few years. When asked the reasoning behind releasing ‘The Heart Of The City’, Rey states, “I’ve been doing this for so long that if I can’t make a dope album, then I shouldn’t be doing this.” From performing with the Hieroglyphics on their Hiero Imperium 2012 Summer Tour & Bambu of the Native Guns on his Rent Money Tour, Rey has definitely paid his dues. With features from Pep Love & Casual from the Hieroglyphics and Zumbi from Zion I, Rey is ready to to place himself within the lineage of legendary West Coast hip-hop.

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