Video: ‘#SaluteMe’ By Alex Aff (@ImAlexAffMayne) [Dir. @KornegayMedia]

Video: '#SaluteMe' By Alex Aff (@ImAlexAffMayne) [Dir. @KornegayMedia]

Alex Aff’s campaign for taking over the game this year continues with some new music to vibe out to.

Aff decided to pick today to drop his new music video entitled “Salute Me”. He wanted to drop it without too much warning because he wanted to give his people who rock with him for real the experience of watching & hearing something new for the first time. It has a soulful vibe to it & that was the vibe he was looking for when he made the beat. Aff sampled a 70s (or 60s) soul joint & added some drums to it. Aff believes he is starting to find his sound & his style more as far as how he wants to present himself to the world.

The videographer, his homie Jordon, wanted to show the essence of Durham in his perspective, because that’s how the song feels in their opinion. So they decided to do a lot of stuff on 9th Street. They went to the record store on 9th Street & did some stuff there, and they also went to Chubby’s Tacos & just ate there on camera. It’s a day in the life of Alex Aff pretty much.