Video: Rihanna – Needed Me

MP3: Rihanna - Needed Me

***From The Best Selling Digital Artist Of All Time***

***Her Single “Work” was #1 For 6 Weeks Straight – Hot 100!!!***

***Her Single “Work” was #1 For 5 Weeks Straight – Rhythm!!!***

***Her Single “Work” was #1 For 5 Weeks Straight – Urban!!!***

Needed Me”: Don’t get it twisted, Rihanna is still a bad ass, and on this track she shows how “savage” she can be. The electronic sound & heavy bass triggers every woman’s ability to be sexy & a savage at the same damn time.

It’s for the #Navy members who need a beat to gets them up & moving as well as for the others that would rather not move at all, choosing instead to sit back with hands lifted & sing to the chorus or ad-libs. –

You can give the music video for “Needed Me” a watch below…