Video: Michael Brown’s Mother Talks Grieving In The Public Eye On ‘Steve Harvey’

Video: Michael Brown's Mother Talks Grieving In The Public Eye On 'Steve Harvey'

Michael Brown’s mom has opened up about how tough it’s been to grieve his death because quiet moments have been few and far between for her.

Although Michael has been dead nearly two months, Lesly McSpadden revealed to that she really hasn’t had time to grieve because she’s been in the public eye almost constantly since officer Darren Wilson gunned him down in early August. Since then, she’s spoken a rallies, marches and memorials. That’s not to mention interview with different news outlets. When Steve Harvey asked if she’s properly mourned, she answered, “No. This is so public.”

“You know, most people grieve in silence. I haven’t had any silence,” Lesly continued. “I haven’t had any time to myself. I haven’t had any time to grieve at all.”

As hard as losing Michael has been, Lesly said she has been able to find comfort in “prayer [and] my other children.”

Steve sympathized with her, but he also found himself getting upset that young Black men have to live by a different set of rules because they often find themselves the targeted by police.

“I have three sons and everytime an incident happens like this, we have to go over, we have to go over the things again,” he shared. “Why do I have to teach my sons to assume the position? Why do I have to teach my sons ’10 and 2,’ palms up? I have to teach my son, when the window goes down, show both hands on both sides. Why am I teaching my sons this?”

It is frustrating that there is a different set of rules for Black men, but, unfortunately, this may be reality until real changes can be made to the criminal justice system.

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