Video: Florida Cops In Trouble For Taking Pictures With 50 Cent

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Three Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies have been reprimanded for taking pictures with 50 Cent while on duty. A local CBS affiliate reports the sheriff’s office disciplined officers for unprofessional behavior.

However, the punishment was not that severe. The deputies received “verbal counseling” for giving “a poor perspective and lack of neutrality” and “neglecting their assigned duties.”

The G-Unit leader was at the county courthouse for a hearing concerning a civil lawsuit with Sleek Audio. 50 (born Curtis Jackson) was ordered to pay the headphone company $16 million for allegedly stealing their product design and confidential private client information.

While 50 was leaving the building, Sgt. Craig Laufer along with deputies Pamela Gibbs and Yvane Moreland were caught on a Palm Beach Post video interacting with the rapper as fans. Laufer can be seen posing for a picture with the Queens native, and the two female deputies can be seen walking with their hands around 50’s waist.

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