Video: Ferguson Police Chief Takes Another L As His Attempt To Join Protesters Backfires

Video: Ferguson Police Chief Takes Another L As His Attempt To Join Protesters Backfires

After issuing a belated apology for his police force’s missteps surrounding the tragic murder of Ferguson, Mo., youth Michael Brown, Police Chief Tom Jackson (pictured above) joined protesters on Thursday night as they marched outside of the police station, but despite his seemingly good intentions, his efforts backfired, according to MSNBC.

Jackson was responsible for authoring the strong-arm tactics of his predominantly White police force during the protests that ensued after officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed Brown last month. The incendiary situation between the town’s officers — who employed bully methods to try to keep order — and the majority of Black participants who protested the killing turned into a standoff.

Therefore, when Jackson attempted to show his solidarity by joining protesters Thursday night, many began calling for his resignation. A scuffle ensued behind Jackson, leading to arrests and sparking unrest among protesters who have been demonstrating peacefully for several weeks now.

Watch Jackson’s joining of protesters backfire here:

Jackson apologized to the Brown family on Thursday for his death and for the hours-long delay in removing his body from the street. Many residents viewed the delay in removing the 18-year-old’s body, the early on bullying of peaceful protesters, and the targeting of the news media as blatant disrespect on the part of police who clearly showed a disdain for not only the Brown family but for Blacks as a whole in the town.

In addition, many residents are still seething over Jackson’s calculated move to release a shoplifting video of Brown while during the same breath announcing Wilson as the officer who pulled the trigger on the boy.

Jackson’s apology and defense of his officers who were “just trying to do their jobs” just happened to have been made on the very same day that Attorney General Eric Holder, who is at the helm of two separate civil rights investigations in to Brown’s murder, announced his resignation.

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