Video: @Easy_Mo_Bee On @PNCRadio’s ‘The Pre-Game Show’ (@VegaBenetton @ItsJennMoise)

Video: @Easy_Mo_Bee On @PNCRadio's 'The Pre-Game Show' (@VegaBenetton @ItsJennMoise)

Hip-Hop/R&B record producer Easy Mo Bee, known for production work in the late 80′s for artists such as Big Daddy Kane & Miles Davis, and most notable for his affiliation with Bad Boy Records in its early years and his heavy production involvement in The Notorious B.I.G.’s acclaimed debut ‘Ready To Die’, dropped by “The Pre-Game Show” with Vega Benetton & Jen Moise to talk about his accomplishments in hip-hop, working with Big Daddy Kane, hip-hop’s growth out of disco, & more.