Video: DJ Mustard Claims West Coast Rap Was Dead Before Him & YG Came On The Scene

DJ Mustard (Mustard On Tha Beat Hoe) [Photo Artwork]

Red hot producer DJ Mustard sat down for Elliott Wilson’s CRWN interview series in Los Angeles last week to discuss his rise to the top of the industry, among other topics.

During the sitdown, the producer said he credits himself and longtime partner YG with bringing back the West Coast.

“It was dead. It wasn’t nothing going on,” Mustard said when asked about his production. “We had OGs like Snoop [Dogg], Dr. Dre, [Ice] Cube, all of them, but it was time for a new generation. Nobody in this audience can tell me somebody they was listening to before me and YG started bringing that sound back together. You got me, you got Nipsey [Hussle] you got Dom [Kennedy], you got Casey Veggies like… now that’s all together. It wasn’t nobody before that.”

Mustard delves into his history for CRWN as well, detailing his start as a DJ when he was just a teen, after watching his uncle do it for years as a youngster; being influenced by DJ Drama; and negativity on Twitter driving him to succeed.

He even described where his famous producer tag came from and why he chose it.

“I guess [YG] was just feeling it one moment in a song we was doing and he just said it and I just branded it,” Mustard said. “I just kind of took it upon myself to just start putting it on everything so people could know it was me. It was just my signature tag.”

News source courtesy of BallerStatus!!!