VannDigital Reviews @BigBankL_’s Self-Titled Mixtape

VannDigital Reviews @BigBankL_'s Self-Titled Mixtape

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from L Jay, now known as Big Bank L. Almost 2 years after dropping his second solo project ‘S.I.N. (Success Is Necessary)’, L brings to you his third solo offering, which also happens to be titled ‘Big Bank L’. Now how does his new project measure up to his debut solo project, ‘One Man Strong’, and his last solo outing??? Read & learn below…

I’m sorry to say this but when you compare ‘BBL’ to L’s last 2 solo projects, you’ll (or at least I have) notice that no growth has occurred. If anything, I feel like L regresses with every project. What I can give him credit for is the fact that he never gives up. But is keeping the faith always the best decision when it comes to shit like this??? I don’t think so but I’ll leave that up to you to decide for yourself as you give ‘BBL’ a listen.

On ‘One Man Strong’, it sounded like Big Bank L had potential. On ‘S.I.N. (Success Is Necessary)’, L started heading downhill. Now on his self-titled project, L further continues on this downward spiral that started on ‘S.I.N.’. Besides the tracks on the project being unoriginal, they also sounded uninspired as well. To me, the only thing worse than a wack artist is an uninspired artist.

Hopefully, Big Bank L will get it together on his next project because it won’t be happening on his self-titled project. You’re more than welcome to give the project a listen for yourself below…

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