Stream Juan Don’s (@RealJuanDon) ‘BELIEVE’ EP

Juan Don - BELIEVE [EP Artwork]

Chicago/Indiana native Juan Don returns with his latest EP entitled ‘BELIEVE‘. ‘BELIEVE’s‘ production credits are from some of the most talented producers in our generation: Oshi, Rascal, Tek.Lun, Philos Cult, &¬†many more!!!

Each producer selected has a distinct sound that stands out & brings versatility to Juan’s undeniable flows. With all mixing/mastering from Stretch Beatz, his engineer since day 1, this solo body of artwork contains no¬†features.

Juan Don - BELIEVE [EP Tracklisting]

Juan proves his ground with singles like “A Tone Of Scars“, “PLAY“, “Believe“, & “No Scrubs“. Mind you, the progression he has empowered speaks for itself.

When you listen through these 11 tracks from front to back, you will enable the deeper connection that Juan is reaching. The ‘BELIEVE‘ EP is dedicated to everyone who believes in themselves or who lacks faith in believing in themselves. This inspirational multi-purposed masterpiece is a resourceful tool for motivation.