Soulja Boy On ‘She Make It Clap’ Tik Tok Success + Taking Over Gaming Industry On Twitch w/Checc’d In With Carisma

Soulja Boy On 'She Make It Clap' Tik Tok Success + Taking Over Gaming Industry On Twitch w/Checc'd In With Carisma

The ultimate trendsetter and the pioneer of the culture of hip-hop that we know today, the one and only Soulja Boy stopped through the Power 106 studios to officially Checc’ In with DJ Carisma as his smash single “She Make It Clap” is making crazy noise on the charts and all over the internet.

Equipped with his own certified Tik Tok Challenge, Soulja Boy has been independently reclaiming his time with the massive success he’s having, once again, as one of the biggest names and influencers in the game.

Not only does the rapper have more new music up his sleeve, Soulja speaks with Carisma about the work he’s put in as an entrepreneur and how he’s also dominating the gaming industry.

Soulja goes on to also drop a disclaimer that he’s no longer putting on for other artists if he doesn’t get his proper credit, shares how Tik Tok has impacted the game, and much more.