“Old White Men Tell Black Men How To Act, It’s Ridiculous” D.L. Hughley Goes In On Rudy Giuliani

"Old White Men Tell Black Men How To Act, It’s Ridiculous" D.L. Hughley Goes In On Rudy Giuliani

Actor and commentator D.L. Hughley fired back at Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday after the former New York mayor claimed that Black Lives Matter was “inherently racist” and was “quickly becoming a terrorist group.”

“You cannot tell me ‘all lives matter’ when some are treated distinctly different,” Hughley explained to CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “I can mourn for police officers that are slain and I can mourn for two young Black men that were slain. I don’t have a moral dilemma in that.”

“I think that ‘all lives matter’ is a perversion of what makes Black Lives Matter special,” Cuomo agreed. “There is an obvious inequity.”

“Police officers have fears and biases,” Hughley explained. “But if your fears and biases get me killed, and my anger and frustration get you killed — act human, we are no more or no less human. Every time you turn around, somebody is making a moral reason why somebody was slain in the streets and it’s an aberrant behavior, and it would be aberrant if I said a young Black man slaughtered five police officer or you see five police officers slay Black men.”

“When Rudy Giuliani says that Black Live Matter are terrorists,” he continued, “let me tell you something, I don’t think all Black people or all white people are all anything. But to be castigated with the same brush that they did [Dallas shooter] Micah Johnson would be the equivalent of me telling you all white people think like [Charleston church shooter] Dylann Roof. And that would be deeply offensive.”

According to Hughley, some in the media had failed to challenge Giuliani “because a lot of people want that narrative because it edifies their perspective.”

“Do you think he was trying to make a more innocuous point, have a love of humanity?” Cuomo wondered.

“I think there was nothing loving about that situation,” Hughley insisted. “I think he was brutal mayor who basically had a reign of terror of Black people in this country — in this city. To me, taking advice from Rudy Giuliani is like Kim Kardashian giving me marriage advice. It is ridiculous.”

“It is ridiculous when you have a person who has set up some of the most heinous thing that have happened to Black people in this country, and to say something like that every time somebody says something about injustice, they are the terrorists,” the comedian opined. “MLK would be considered a terrorist, Gandhi was a terrorist, Mandela was a terrorist. And all they were trying to do was fight for justice.”

“And to me, when old white men tell Black men how to act, that’s the most ridiculous thing in the world. To tell Black people to speak a certain way and to act a certain way is no different from telling a woman how to dress so she doesn’t get raped.”