MP3: New Track ‘The Bringer’ By King K.O.N.G. & Teck-Zilla (@ProjektCancer) Feat. Sonyae (@JustSonyae)

MP3: New Track 'The Bringer' By King K.O.N.G. & Teck-Zilla (@ProjektCancer) Feat. Sonyae (@JustSonyae)

Boxing is the perfect metaphor for life: people will try to challenge you & knock you down, but the game isn’t over until someone throws in the towel. While the sport is a mano-a-mano battle, the champion knows that he’s gotta associate himself with the right people to bring out his best qualities.

Such is the case with “The Bringer“, featuring the Tar Heel native Sonyae; a heavy-handed banger that will knock you straight to the canvas. While other emcees might be sweating bullets, it’s just business as usual for King K.O.N.G. & Teck-Zilla, who first met via SoundCloud & decided to pool their talents together for their forthcoming FreEP, ‘Kong Zilla‘.

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