MP3: Ever Heard Of ‘Whitesplaining’??? Give This Interview A Listen…

MP3: Ever Heard Of 'Whitesplaining'??? Give This Interview A Listen...

A Black listener, calling into a conservative Christian radio show, received a condescending lecture from the white female host who told him that the media was to blame for turning him into an “angry Black man.

Sandy Rios, director of governmental affairs for the American Family Association and host of a daily radio program, began her program by defending comments made by Fox’s Sean Hannity, who said race relations in the U.S. have eroded under President Obama.

In audio captured by Right Wing Watch, a caller identifying himself as Charles took issue with the comments made by Rios & Hannity, pointing out increased violence against the Black community, while drawing attention to the recent acquittal of a Cleveland cop in the 2012 shooting on an unarmed Black couple.

Unfortunately, sisters & brothers like yourselves & others just don’t get it as it pertains to basically to Black America & the history of Black America with regards to America,” Charles told Rios. “I get so discouraged when I hear you guys talk about the current situation with policing & Black America.

Rios interrupted Charles, telling him that she didn’t believe all the “facts” were in on the shooting that took place three years ago and had already gone to trial. She went on to say that he was being duped by “people who want to whip the Black community into a frenzy by misrepresenting facts.

I know how this works. Maybe you don’t. But I tell you there are people that benefit from twisting the story ever so slightly to get you whipped into a rage,” Rios explained before adding, “Look, ABC doesn’t care about giving you the whole story, neither does CBS, because they want you to be an angry Black man. Do you understand that?

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