#MP3: BigBob – Ear To The Story (@BigBobPattison @IG730Ayak @DaRealDroPesci @IllaGhee2K @Red_Room_Studio)

BigBob - Ear To The Story [Track Artwork]

The latest track from the ESI studio and produced by visionary producer, BigBob, takes a detour from his familiar, signature sound, exploring his funk side with “Ear to the Story” from the newly released album THE BLESSINGS VOL. 2. BigBob’s unwavering momentum continues to defy the main steam narrative of hip hop by creating a canvas for featuring MC’s to freely convey their own lyrical imagery. Rapper, Influence Getem chronicles tales, weaving and shaping vignettes with a clever artistry. Dro Pesci’s multi-faceted lyrical flow presents a cool cadence with sly semantics. MC Illa Ghee, puts the final assembly on the track with his distinguished tone, articulation and fiery linguistics, sonically derivative and influenced by the Golden Era. Heavy sampling and infectious bass lines from the Note Troll strategically elevate BigBob’s production to progress the hip hop culture.