MP3: Bekay (@TheRealBekay) – Thug Music (Freestyle)

MP3: Bekay (@TheRealBekay) - Thug Music (Freestyle) 2

After many setbacks from Hurricane Sandy to countless losses in Bekay’s personal life, he relentlessly gears up for his long-awaited album release ‘Survivorman‘.

Quoting the Brooklyn emcee himself:

“I’ve been through hell the last 3-4 years, the kind of shit I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, but nothing is gonna stop me from reminding people the quality of emcee I am with an LP that will rival my last album ‘Hunger Pains’ as the best work I’ve ever done, I define hungry, and the true hip hop sound of the gutter, the struggle, & people who don’t have a fucking pot to piss in”.

Rapper Bekay On The Block In Brooklyn

Bekay reminds us why he is known as that dude who absolutely goes there, releasing an X-rated verbal onslaught over The Alchemist’s classic production in “Thug Music” with lines that aren’t for the weak of heart, such as “I’m a crook a prick, look I’m sick, like hooker spit, be an emcee? read a book you dick“.

It is safe to say he isn’t playing games this time around & the voice of the Brooklyn streets will be heard.

You can also give an earlier track from Famoso titled “Dirty Fighter“, which Bekay is featured on, a listen below…