Mike Delorean (@MikeDeloreanBHM) Tells @DoggieDiamonds Why The Prodigy Mural Wasn’t Allowed In Queensbridge

Mike Delorean (@MikeDeloreanBHM) Tells @DoggieDiamonds Why The Prodigy Mural Wasn't Allowed In Queensbridge

A perfect example of the past affecting the present, Queens rapper Mike Delorean (formerly of Bars-N-Hooks) gives a follow-up interview on DoggieDiamonds TV. A few years back, Delorean gave an anger-filled interview to ForbezDVD (which has since been removed from the public eye for reasons he explains in the following interview below) concerning a book that Mobb Deep’s Prodigy had co-written, published, & released–titled “My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy“–that contained possible incriminating information about certain events taking place in the Queensbridge Houses from the rappers to the current residents.

With that in mind, the information contained in Prodigy’s book might have affected why his mural wasn’t allowed in Queensbridge Houses as it was recently reported that the mural had been defaced twice since his death. You can hear Mike Delorean speak on that situation plus more with DoggieDiamonds TV below…