Method Man Feels That Vibe Should Have Got A Bullet For Starting East vs. West Beef

Method Man (2014 Press)

One of the reasons Method Man is so loved in hip hop culture is because he always keeps it 100. The legendary artist and Wu Tang member never compromises the truth when he speaks in fear of whom he may offend.

He recently sat down with Huffpost Live for an interview and mentioned he doesn’t like to do interviews with the hip hop magazines. The interviewer caught his tone and followed up with why he felt that way.

Method Man believes the hip hop magazines like Vibe do nothing but stir up controversy and negativity in the hip hop community, the artist and fans. Here is a quote from the interview while he was speaking the truth about East Vs. West beef in hip hop.

“VIBE should’ve got a bullet. They should’ve got a bullet instead of Pac or B.I.G. When they put that cover up with B.I.G. and Puff on there, when B.I.G. took that picture, he didn’t take that picture thinking East VS. West. He took a picture thinking, “I’m going to be on the cover of Vibe.”

At the time, Vibe was one of the largest hip hop magazines and curators of black culture in the country. It was an incredible honor and opportunity to grace the culture for young artist, so it is very believable when you hear Method Man speak this way about Biggie going into that photoshoot.

Take a minute and sixteen seconds to hear Method Man break all of this down in the video below:

Peace 2 Urban Intellectuals!!!