Jared Fogle Catches Fade In Prison By Inmate Who Hates Child Molesters

Robert Perkins (@2ManyTats2Count) On Jared Fogle & The Backwards American System

Jared Fogle is just four months into his fifteen year prison sentence for receiving child pornography and repeatedly having sex with minors, but he’s already finding out what vigilante justice is like.

ThisIs50 reports that the 38-year old former Subway spokesman was on the receiving end of a physical assault by fellow inmate, Steven Nigg, that left him with a swollen face, bloody nose and scratches on his neck.

Nigg’s lone injury was a cut on his left hand suffered from punching Fogle in the face.

The incident went down in the recreation yard at Federal Correctional Institution in Colorado back on January 29, when Nigg, 60, who is serving time for a gun conviction, jumped Fogle.

Nigg was punished by being placed in solitary confinement. His family told TMZ that he’s angry at the amount of child molesters being housed in the low security facility.