Editorial: Renisha McBride’s Family Files Lawsuit Worth $10 Million Against Theodore Wafer

Editorial: Theodore Wafer Found Guilty Of 2nd Degree Murder In Renisha McBride's Murder

Renisha McBride’s family wants Theodore Wafer to pay for her death, and they’re not looking for chump change.

Gerald Thurswell, an attorney acting on behalf of Renisha’s loved ones, filed a lawsuit against Theodore on Tuesday in Wayne County Circuit Court. USA Today reports that the family is seeking a whopping $10 million from the man who gunned down their daughter last November.

While no amount could ever equal their loss, the attorney realizes that Renisha’s family is asking for a huge sum of money. Acknowledging that Theodore was not a wealthy man, so Gerald said. “I have no idea what we’ll be able to collect,”

That’s not going to keep Renisha’s family for getting Theodore for everything he’s worth, though. Gerald pointed out that they can go after the shooter’s assets to satisfy for the request outlined in their legal action.

“Through the criminal justice system, the family got justice,” Thurswell said. “And now through the civil justice system, I’m trying to get them compensation for their loss.”

Theodore was convicted for second-degree murder and manslaughter in Renisha’s death. He’s also been hit with a felony firearm charge.

His defense attorney, Cheryl Carpenter, was surprised to hear about the lawsuit since both she and Thedore are still reeling from the ruling handed down earlier this month.

“He’s still shocked by the verdict,” she said. “Just like me.”

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