Editorial: Marquise Jackson (50 Cent’s Son) Rides With Dad’s Emeny Slowbucks

Editorial: Marquise Jackson (50 Cent's Son) Rides With Dad's Emeny Slowbucks 1

It appears 50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson is a proud fan of his father’s rival Slowbucks’ music, or at least he was briefly a proud fan. The teenager posted a picture to his Instagram page late last week promoting S.B.O.E crew’s latest ‘OverEveryThing’ mixtape.

Marquise wrote in the picture’s caption, “That #SBOE Dropped Today.” The photo has since been deleted from his IG account, but of course a screenshot of the pic was captured before it was taken down.

The 50 and Slowbucks feud came to a head at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert when Buck’s chain was reportedly taken by someone associated with 50. The issues between the two allegedly first began when Slowbucks posted a picture with Marquise and fellow 50 foe Trav.

Check out the photo Marquise posted on IG before deleting it below…

Marquise Jackson (50 Cent's Son) Supporting SBOE Project [Photo Artwork]

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