Editorial: Drake Mentions To Fader Magazine That There’s An Upside To His Beef w/Meek Mill

Editorial: Drake Mentions To Fader Magazine That There's An Upside To His Beef w/Meek Mill

Early last year, Drake vowed to stop doing magazine interviews after off-the-record comments made it in Rolling Stone without his permission. Between his words on Kanye West and his RS cover demotion when Phillip Seymour Moore Hoffman died suddenly, the Toronto rapper became more reclusive with the media. Now, he’s finally ready to talk.

Drake covers the special 100th issue of Fader Magazine & shares how he got “Charged Up” by the biggest ghostwriting scandal rap has seen in ages.

He says:

“I’m just gonna bring it up ‘cause it’s important to me. I was at a charity kickball game — which we won, by the way — and my brother called me. He was just like, ‘I don’t know if you’re aware, but, yo, they’re trying to end us out here. They’re just spreading, like, propaganda. Where are you??? You need to come here.’ So we all circled up at the studio & sat there as [Funkmaster] Flex went on the air, and these guys flip-flopped [about how] they were gonna do this, that, & the third.”

After the “Charged Up” diss dropped, he couldn’t quite figure out why Meek went virtually silent.

Drake explains:

“This is a discussion about music, and no one’s putting forth any music??? You guys are gonna leave this for me to do??? This is how you want to play it??? You guys didn’t think this through at all — nobody??? You guys have high-ranking members watching over you. Nobody told you that this was a bad idea, to engage in this & not have something??? You’re gonna engage in a conversation about writing music, and delivering music, with me??? And not have anything to put forth on the table???”

October’s Own was almost offended by Meek’s lack of rebuttal, but it fueled the fire that became “Back To Back”, and he’s actually happy with how it all went down.

“I need, sometimes, individuals to spark an idea so that I can take off running. I don’t mind that & those recordings are what they are.”

He also sees the bright side of the ghostwriting allegations:

“If I have to be the vessel for this conversation to be brought up — you know, God forbid we start talking about writing & references and who takes what from where — I’m OK with it being me.”

You can peep the full interview via Fader Magazine!!!