Editorial: Are You Checkin For A Lil Wayne Sex Tape???

Lil' Wayne [Poster Artwork]

Could Lil Wayne join Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Mimi Faust, and Hulk Hogan on the list of celebrities to have sex tapes hit the market? According to TMZ, an unnamed individual is attempting to sell intimate footage of Weezy to porn companies.

The website reports:

We’re told the big porn companies have been contacted by a person in possession of the tape, which shows Wayne in nothing but his socks, and 2 more-than-accommodating women who do all the work.

Wayne’s rep says if there is a tape, the rapper didn’t know he was being filmed. And the rep makes it clear they will pounce if a tape is released to the public, saying, “We’ll sue the hell out of them.”

It would be difficult for pornography brands such as Vivid Entertainment (“Kim Kardashian Superstar”, “Mimi & Nikko: Scandal In Atlanta”) to release any sex tape featuring Wayne without his consent. Kardashian claimed her tape with R&B singer Ray J was leaked. She later sued Vivid and reportedly settled with the company for $5 million.