Dame Dash To Be Evicted From His Home???

Dame Dash To Be Evicted From His Home???

There is a very real reason as to why some of us say, “There is no retirement and pension plan in Hip Hop.” That reason is because it’s true. A lot of guys who lived out the very definition of “ballin out of control”, are now wishing they hadn’t wasted their money on things that in the long run couldn’t matter. Unfortunately according to The New York Daily News, we’re learning that infamous Hip Hop Mogul and once king of the game, Damon Dash is probably one of them.

According to reports Damon Dash is so deeply in debt that he is claiming in court documents that he faces imminent eviction from a rented mansion in suburban Carmel, N.Y.

That’s not called being so deeply in debt that you can’t survive, that’s called if you don’t have it like that to live in a mansion anymore, then move to what you can afford and make it nice to live in. Downsizing is way better than trying to maintain something you simply can not afford.

Says Dash;

I am currently several months behind in paying my personal bills,” he wrote Tuesday in the 5-page filing. “For instance, I am currently over $100,000 behind in rent for the only home in which I live and at risk of being evicted.