#BlackChicago Comes Together To Boycott Racist Store Owner & It’s Working

Just Say No To Racism!!!

If you pay attention to the major media outlets, they paint the city of Chicago as the murder capital of the world and Black people are the reason for this. Every single night they report shootings on the westside and southside of Chicago which are predominantly Black neighborhoods. They always bring up that a Black person tried to rob someone, they murdered a small child, or that they a drug deal went wrong. They have reported this so much that some hip-hop artists are afraid to perform in Chicago. Let’s face it, they want to label us as thugs and animals in the city of Chicago.

Here is something that they never report. They never report how segregated the city of Chicago is and how other races come to our neighborhoods and rape us of our economics. The major media outlets never report how these same business are beyond racist and treat us like we are the scum of the earth. Then on top of that, they have the nerve to call the Chicago Police Department on us. They will never report that Black people are united together to fight this type of bullshit. Check it out for yourself below.

Peace 2 Urban Intellectuals!!!