It’s All About ‘Asset Allocation’ On This Week’s Episode Of The @HipHopDigest Show

It’s All About ‘Asset Allocation’ On This Week's Episode Of The @HipHopDigest Show

Curt G, E.Green, & King Killa (collectively known as The Hip-Hop Digest) are back with another episode for that ass this week on The DigiSpot…The synopsis reads as follows:

Special shout out to Combat Jack. We’re very sorry to hear of your situation, but we support fully. Be strong brother!

As far as the show, about a week ago, those three dudes called Migos said they’re planning for a long run. You know what they say about words and deeds right? Yeah, us too. Any why won’t the youngins leave Joey Buddens alone? We really know why and we talk about it! Get in, listen, and share the show!

Bonus, we’ve posted some of our old shows on our YouTube page. Get over there and check out how we used to do it as the “original” drinking podcast. 😉 Here’s the first show we ever did! It’s a demo (Kool G Rap) Please listen to my demo (EPMD) PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube page!

Get in!

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