Album: @RJD2 & STS (@STSisGOLD) – #STSxRJD2

Album: @RJD2 & STS (@STSisGOLD) - #STSxRJD2

Eccentric Philadelphia-based producer/rapper duo RJD2 & STS has released their self-titled collaborative album, ‘STS X RJD2‘. The triumphant, feel-good project released via RJ’s record label, RJ’s Electrical Connections.

The duo met through singer Khari Mateen when the three worked on “See You Leave” for RJD2’s 2013 album, ‘More Is Than Isn’t‘.

RJ says:

“I thought, ‘Man, I had so much fun making music with this guy. I don’t want the relationship to end there. STS meets a number of criteria for me. For one, he has a great voice. His sense of rhythm is really great. He’s a funny guy – that’s a plus. And the other thing is that he has a way of taking a thought that has deep meaning to it, and making it seem innocuous.”

The album features diverse subject matter, from tracks like “Tennessee (Whiskey Revival)”, which is inspired by STS’ drink of choice as well as his birthplace, and “All I Wanted Was A Caddy”, which notes how STS’ family had Cadillacs back in the day. On the flip side, STS values East Coast hip-hop, resulting in lyrically introspective songs like “Monsters Under My Bed”, where he deals with regret over some incidents in his past.

STS says:

“You don’t get a name like ‘Sugar Tongue Slim’ unless you’ve been in the streets. But I’m conscious, too, because I’m conscious of what I’m saying.”

STS x RJD2‘ finds the artists at their most versatile, with RJ’s genre-defying production & STS’ prolific rhymes, making the project a soulful, timeless project unlike anything else in rap today.

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