Album: ‘Never Left (Retail)’ By @SadatX

MP3: 'What Up Kid' By @SadatX

Sadat X has spent the last two years preparing an album a whole generation of Hip-Hop fans have been waiting for. ‘Never Left’ is a project that celebrates Sadat X’s illustrious 25-year career & serves as a testament to New York City’s continued ability to fit in today’s musical landscape.

The result is a cohesive collection of songs, that avoids the tendency many older artists have to overly criticize or attempt to emulate what the “kids” are doing. Instead, ‘Never Left’ is simply a well-crafted Adult Contemporary Hip-Hop album, perhaps the first of it’s kind to fit perfectly into today’s landscape without losing site of it’s audience.

‘Never Left’ captures the feeling of New York’s Golden Era, carried forward 25 years by a man who has lived the culture to the fullest. Along the way, Sadat stays in pocket with notable features by contemporaries like Black Rob, Craig G, King T, Dres, Chi Ali, & Fokis, who lend their vocals to the reggae-inspired “Put It On Me” and Cormega, who appears on the project’s first official single “On Fire“. Sadat also recruits one of the leaders of New York’s next generation of true MCs, Skyzoo on the project, as well as newcomer Tony Mays, who won the opportunity to contribute to this project through an online contest presented by Loyalty Digital Corp.

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