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Video: #Plies Gets Belly-To-Belly Suplexed Off The Stage; Fan Responds

Guess we can add this L to the million & one Ls Plies has already taken since 2008. You can watch it all unfold below... Plies Getting Belly-To-Belly Suplexed Off The Stage: The Fan That Belly-To-Belly Suplexed Plies Speaking Out: You can also give my recent editorial piece "5 Recent New Rappers That Deserve WOAT Status" a read here on!!!
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MP3: BeatKing (@BeatKingKong) & @DJHollygrove – #ColorPurpleMoney Freestyle

New Orleans' DJ Hollygrove puts a chopped & screwed spin on Houston artist BeatKing's track "Color Money (Remix)", which was inspired by the video showing Plies Savage getting belly-to-belly suplexed off the stage by a fan, with his own track "Color Purple Money Freestyle". You can give this track a listen plus drop feedback below...
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MP3: BeatKing (@BeatKingKong) – #ColorMoney (Remix)

In no time at all, Plies Savage's belly-to-belly suplex video earns itself a track in the form of Houston artist BeatKing's "Color Money (Remix)". You can give this hilarious track a listen plus drop feedback below... [xyz-ihs snippet="BeatKingColorMoneyRemixMP3Track"]
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